Where Is Your Favorite Place You've Ever Been? (Part 2)

Here is the second part of my post series about the best places in the world according to my friends and family. Again, the first one on the list is another of my favorites, and the comments in italics are mine. Otherwise these descriptions come completely from the adventurous writers who submitted these answers.

  1. Amalfi Coast of Italy:
This is a place I will insist on going to several more times in my life. It’s absolutely the most beautiful place I have ever been by far. During a cruise in Europe, we saw a lot of amazing places, all of which are high on my list (Southern France is especially high). However, the Amalfi Coast (places like Positano and Sorrento) is breathtaking. It’s the best drive I’ve ever been on, and the location of the all-time best meal of my life. The entire place is full of life, the views are unbelievable, and the cities are completely packed with color and friendly people. It’s remarkable.
-Me, Annie, the writer of this post

“Stunning views of the Mediterranean for miles, the restaurant where we ate all home-grown, fresh food, beautiful houses stacked on the hills, quaint shops selling so many things made with fresh lemon.”
-Kelly Klein (my mom, who didn’t know I had chosen this spot as well. That’s just how good it is)
She would also like to include this quote: “I could seriously make a very long list. This takes restraint. How do I leave off Rome, Florence, Hawaii, Vancouver, Boston, Outer Banks, Charleston, Jamaica, San Francisco?? Ahh!! Puerto Rico!”

  1. Sanibel, Florida:
“Sanibel was a place I dreamed about when I was seven years old, when I came across it in a seashell book. It just seemed magical, all of those piles of shells just waiting to be discovered. And to me, all these years later, it still hasn't lost its magic.”
-Shelby Deering (cousin and traveling expert/writer extraordinaire)

  1. Paris, France:
“Paris in my opinion is the most incredible place on this earth (as far as I know). Being there put me in a complete daze as I watched every bit of life and history in the city happen right before my eyes. I honestly can't really describe the feeling that I got being in Paris but it's one that I doubt I will ever be able to create elsewhere.”
-Caroline Burdick (sister, who makes me sad I won’t be getting to Paris this time around)

“My favorite place I have visited is Paris, because simply, it's lovely.  The history. The amazing beauty. And of course, the food is incredible. I'd go back tomorrow!”
-Chris Deering (my aunt, and a lovely lady. She would not lead you astray)

  1. Rooftop bar in Mexico, watching the Packers, having drinks:
“Being a huge Packer fan, and a new traveler, I had no idea that the Pack was soooo popular that I would be able to watch a game IN MEXICO!  Not only can you, but there are websites that tell where all the Packer bars in the world are! 🙂  Anyway....it was a perfect concoction of all that makes me happy....relaxing (something I don't do well), frosty festive beverages, sitting in the very warm sunshine with friends, having someone serving me, just not having to DO anything but watch the Pack.  It was just so enjoyable!  I've watched several Packer games in Mexico, but none can match that rooftop experience.  Cementing my love all things sunny, warm, and fun!”
-Tracey Catarozoli (my stepmom, who taught me how to do a Mexico trip right--lots of rooftops, lots of drinks, 100% relaxation)

  1. Colosseum, Rome, Italy
“It was quite impressive to see such an ancient monument in such an incredible state to learn that almost all of the damage seen today is leftover from when it was partially destroyed intentionally. Also to see such a testament to an ancient culture was impressive and awe inspiring.”
-Cameron Brocklehurst (who is spot on. The Colosseum is awesome)

  1. New Orleans, LA:
“Great food, lots to drink, things to do, and lots of history. What more could this guy need.”
-John Burdick (my father, who has yet to take me to New Orleans)

“Live music everywhere, incredible food, friendly people, great weather for walking and exploring the city, popping into a club to see some jazz musicians and then moving on to the next place.”
-Kelly Klein (again my parent, again has yet to bring me here)

  1. Venice, Italy:
“Venice is intriguing. It has its own air about it, very mysterious, that catches your attention. Around every corner is a new adventure! Unlike other European cities they don't allow cars in the city, only boats, so you don't hear the roaring of traffic. The detail put into Venetian art including blown glass is incredible!”
-Meredith Cordell (who reminds me how badly I want to go to Venice. ugh)

  1. Belize:
“The landscape is very beautiful and left mostly untouched and unindustrialized. There's a wide variety of things there from the rainforest to the ocean and ancient Mayan civilization!”
-Grace Kubiak (who I’m very envious of--Belize is at the top of my list)

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Chiang Mai, a bustling city beneath a background of lush green hills in northern Thailand, is one of my favorite places to be. The thought of perusing the Sunday Walking Street while enjoying delicious (and cheap!) street food on a humid night makes me want to book a ticket back. Five dollar Thai massages around every corner, food from all around the world, Loco Elvis’ karaoke, night markets galore; what’s not to love. This eclectic city, and its friendly people, show how cultures can brilliantly coexist."
-Holly Check (who makes Thailand sound even more amazing than I thought possible)


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