Backpacking Trip, Stop 1: Boston and Providence

Our first plane ride, from Minneapolis to Boston very early in the morning, was Nate's first plane ride ever. He's never been on a plane, nor has he been outside of a few states in the midwest. I couldn't wait to experience travel and new adventures with him. Overall, I think he enjoyed the plane experience. By the end of the trip we'd taken so many flights that he was already a seasoned airport passenger, remarking on longer or shorter wait times and differing customs policies.

Our first stop was essentially an extended layover in Boston before traveling onward to Europe. We arrived in Boston on the morning of the 10th, and despite having heavy backpacks to haul around, enjoyed wandering the city. I've been to Boston twice in the past, and it's one of my favorite cities in the US. It was great to be back and to begin our trip together.

We saw some of the typical sights of Boston--went to Faneuil Hall and the nearby markets to have some delicious lunch, walked Granary Burying Ground and strolled for quite a while through the Boston Common and the Public Garden. We particularly enjoyed time spent relaxing on a bench in the garden and feeding the overzealous squirrels and geese right from our hands. Nate, throughout the entire trip, took every chance to watch birds, feed park wildlife, and freak me out by drawing hordes of pigeons to our area. :)

We also took the chance to go on a swan boat ride of the pond, something I hadn't done before and a peaceful way to relax for a few moments, Boston style. From there, we took a train to Providence, RI to visit my sister for the night. Caroline is a student at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, where I had yet to visit before the trip. She gave us a little tour of her campus and we had a delicious dinner at The Malted Barley, where every sandwich is served on an actual pretzel. Heavenly. We were all exhausted and finished the night early, sleeping on her dorm floor.

The next morning Caroline had to get up quite early for class, and we had to leave with her due to serious security in her building. We spent a couple hours of the morning enjoying a leisurely breakfast at Denny's and killing time. Afterwards, we walked around Providence some more, relaxing in a park and visiting the mall. We went back to Boston around midday and, due to not great weather, exhaustion, and not wanting to keep walking around with backpacks, killed a few hours at a movie theater watching Gifted (really good, if anyone has yet to see it!). Afterwards we headed to the airport, ready and not ready for our long flight to Europe.

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